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Classical Training, Contemporary Practices,


When considering a career in fine arts, there are many roads to choose. One thing is certain, artists need a solid foundation of drawing and painting. Our Classical Fine Arts Studio Certificate program allow students exploration of historic as well as contemporary practices, while at the same time the opportunity to develop the skills they need to compete in the fine arts world.


The sixty-two courses in the two-year certificate program focus on the practices of the classical fine art disciplines of drawing and painting. 

Painting of Tea Pot and Pears.jpg
Students working on glazing for top of h

What are you passionate about?

Lindsay Droege Oil Painting Vanderpoel S


portraiture • human figure




oil paint • watercolor • graphite

charcoal • pen and ink

Janeen Schissler Watercolor.jpg


high realism • impressionism direct painting • glazing

What are the benefits of a two-year certificate program at Schissler Academy of Fine Arts?

  • Cost: Much less than the traditional four-year degree

  • Time: The certificate can be obtained in two years instead of four

  • Focus: Time is spent just on drawing, painting or learning about historic practices instead of subjects like English, math, science and psychology

  • Flexible: We offer the Certificate Track for students who can't attend full-time

  • Personal: Small student-to-instructor ratio

  • Offerings: In addition to our traditional courses we also offer courses in Human Anatomy for Artists, Botanical Illustration, Landscape Components, Professional Practices for Artists, Conservation Picture Framing, Portfolio Preparation, and Gallery and Exhibition Submissions

David Siatta sketch flipped horizontal.j
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I am halfway through my second year of the program, and Schissler Academy of Fine Arts has become my happy place.  I'm inspired and excited each and every day I walk in the doors, and that feeling hasn't waned a bit from the first day. There are no words to describe all the school has taught me and how far I've grown as an artist.  The teachers are not only experienced, successful artists themselves, but each teacher is generous, caring, and genuinely delights in our successes.  I can't think of an area of study that has been untouched, any area that may hinder me as a professional artist after the program.  This school has given me an art family and support system, and I am truly blessed to go through such a fine program! - Jenn St. James

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