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In the first year, students study the basics:  

  • Intermediate Drawing

  • One-, Two- and Three-Point Perspective

  • Composition

  • Line and Mark-Making

  • Basic Art History

  • Historic and Contemporary Pigment Grinding Practices

  • Historic and Contemporary Canvas and Panel Preparation

  • Basic Color Theory and Color Mixing

  • Beginning Oil Painting

  • Beginning Figure Drawing

  • And more ...


In the second year, students study advanced subjects and professional practices:

  • Human Anatomy for Artists

  • Botanical or Landscape Components 

  • Intermediate to Advanced Human Figure Drawing and Painting

  • Portrait Drawing and Painting

  • Intermediate and Advanced Oil Painting

  • Submitting Artwork for Exhibition in a Gallery or Show

  • Professional Picture Framing

  • And more ...

Courses are offered from September through May (some courses are offered during the summer months), and classes are held three days per week for two years. Some of our students take a more leisurely approach with the Certificate Track program by completing the courses when they have the time available. They receive their certificate at a later time when they have completed all sixty two of the required courses. See the list below for some of our basic courses.

Request a Course Catalogue

Thank you for requesting a catalogue. We will be sending it out soon. If you have any questions, you may email us at or call (970) 222-8777

To receive a catalogue with full course descriptions please fill out the form or email us at or call (970) 222-8777

I have been attending Schissler Academy for seven years. In 2017 I began the Certificate Program. I can't believe how much my skills have advanced! I now feel now I can move forward independently with the confidence I have gained in this program. The quality of instruction is above anything I have ever experienced before and could ever ask for. I feel so blessed to be part of this program.

- Pat Pilkington

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